about us

From a humble beginning of preparing income tax returns exclusively for family members and friends,TAX RITE PLUS emerged as a reputable company worthy of the clients’ trust. We have expanded our tax services to also include accounting and business services to accommodate the growing demand from clients.

who we are

We are a team of dedicated professionals who are honed by years of multi-level business and taxation experiences where its ultimate objective is to be of help to all clients with a distinct kind of service second to none. Being second best in our professional work is never an option!

our business

TAX RITE PLUS is here to assist every tax, accounting and business issues of any client. What sets us apart from other professionals is that we are passionate and dedicated to the work that we do. We just love numbers beyond compare!

our guarantee

We guarantee every professional service rendered to our clients to be accurate.

We do not sacrifice accuracy over speed but making every client satisfied with our service.

We do not promise big tax refunds but the maximum  that you can receive under the law.

We guarantee the quality of our professional service and our reasonable rates are unbeatable.